semester 3
code subject
CHE205Organic Chemistry
EE235Computer Applications 1
GE225Workshop Technology
GS213Mathematics 3
PE201General Geology
PE203Technical Terms
PE205Introduction to Petroleum Eng.

semester 4
code subject
CHE214Physical Chemistry
PE210Petroleum Geology
PE212Oil Field Equipment
PE214Reservoir Rock Properties
PE216Reservoir Fluid Properties
PE218Drilling Engineering

semester 5
code subject
PE323Fluid Mechanics
PE325Drilling Fluid (Lab.)
PE327Well Completion
PE329Well Logging
PE331Production Design 1
PE333LRock (Lab.)

semester 6
code subject
PE340Production Design 2
PE342Well Cased Hole Logging
PE344Fluid Flow Through Porous Medi
PE346Applied Reservoir Eng.
PE348Well Problems and Safety

semester 7
code subject
PE455Well Testing
PE457Transport and Storage of Oil a
PE459Well Stimulation
PE461Oil Projects Evaluation
PE463Natural Gas Engineering
semester 8
code subject
PE470Field Training
PE472Reservoir Simulation
PE474Improved Oil Recovery
PE476Offshore Technology
PE499Undergraduate Project