semester 3
code subject
CHE201Analytical Chemistry
CHE203Technical Terms
CHE205Organic Chemistry
EE235Computer Applications 1
GE225Workshop Technology
GS213Mathematics 3

semester 4
code subject
CHE210Introduction to Chemical Eng.
CHE212Fluid Mechanics 1
CHE214Physical Chemistry
CHE224Industrial Pollution
CHE226Water Treatment
EE210Fundamentals of Electricity
EE210LFundamentals of Electricity (L

semester 5
code subject
CHE311Introduction to Chemical Eng.
CHE313Thermodynamics 1
CHE315Chemical Industry
CHE317Fluid Mechanics 2
CHE321Properties of Oil and Gas
CHE323Corrosion Eng.

semester 6
code subject
CHE330Thermodynamics 2
CHE332Mass Transfer 1
CHE336Heat Transfer 1
CHE342Kinetics of Reactions 1
CHE348Refinery of Oil and Gas
CHE350Petrochemical Industry

semester 7
code subject
CHE411Mass Transfer 2
CHE413Kinetics of Reactions 2
CHE415Natural Gas Processes
CHE419Heat Transfer 2
CHE423Engineering Economy
CHE427Operation and Maintenance of C
semester 8
code subject
CHE436Chemical Plant Design
CHE438Unit Operation
CHE442Process Control
CHE446Chemical Process Simulation an
CHE470Field Training
CHE499Undergraduate Project