semester 4
code subject
EE240 Electrical Measurement Instr
EE240L Electrical Measurement Instr
EE242 Digital Electronics 1
EE242L Digital Electronics 1 (Lab.)
EE244WCElectrical Workshop 1
EE246 Electric Circuits 2
EE246L Electric Circuits 2 (Lab. (
ET248 Electronic Engineering 2
ET248L Electronic Engineering 2 (La

semester 5
code subject
EE351Electrical Transformers
EE351LElectrical Transformer (Lab.(
EE353Computer Applications 2
EE357Power Systems 1
EE357LPower Systems 1 (Lab.)
ET353Electromagnetic 1
ET359Power Electronics
ET359LPower Electronics (Lab.)

semester 6
code subject
EE360 Electrical Machines DC
EE360L Electrical Machines DC (Lab
EE362 Electrical Machines AC 1
EE362L Electrical Machines AC 1 (L
EE364 Power Systems 2
EE364L Power System 2 (Lab.)
EE366WS Electrical Workshop 2
ET364 Principles of Automatic Con
ET364L Principles of Automatic Con

semester 7
code subject
EE471Electrical Machines AC 2
EE471LElectrical Machines AC 2 (Lab.
EE473Power Plants
EE475Control Systems
EE477Electrical Protection System
EE479Power System Analysis
ECN411Programmable Logic Controllers
semester 8
code subject
EE470Field Training
EE482Distribution Systems
EE484Operating and Control Circuits
EE484LOperating and control Circuits
EE486Control of Ele. Motors Prog. (
EE488High Voltage Engineering
EE499Undergraduate Project