semester 3
code subject
EC203Boolean Algebra
EC205Discrete Structures
EC207Principles of Digital Systems
EE231Electric Circuits 1
EE231LElectric Circuits 1 (Lab.)

semester 4
code subject
EC214Data Structures
EC216Computer Architecture
EC220Object Oriented Programming
EC221Technical Terms
EC230File Systems

semester 5
code subject
EC303Database Management Systems
EC305Data Communication
EC307Introduction to Information se
EC309Project Management

semester 6
code subject
EC314Information Systems Analysis a
EC316Computer Networks
EC318Advanced Topic in Database
EC320Server Side Web Programming
EC324Fundamentals of Business Infor

semester 7
code subject
EC407IT Servers
EC419Enterprise programming
EC423ERP Systems
semester 8
code subject
EC450Knowledge Management
EC470Field Training
EC499Undergraduate Project